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Park Utility & SDC Charges

What is an SDC?

System Development Charges (SDCs) are one-time fees assessed on new development to cover a portion of the cost of providing specific types of public infrastructure.

Why do we have Park SDCs?

Medford is the largest city in Southern Oregon and a regional provider of park and recreation services. Population growth increases the demand for parks and recreation facilities.

Who pays Park SDCs?

SDC’s have been collected on all new development in the City since 1980. Existing residences and businesses paid for their share when constructed. As new development takes place, it pays for additional upgrades or additions to the infrastructure system.

One such document is the Leisure Services Plan

How are Park SDCs Calculated?

Long-term master plans forecast infrastructure needs which the City’s growth will require.  These plans are  used to calculate the SDC revenue that will be required to construct those projects.

What do Park SDCs pay for?

The Parks SDC is required of all new development and is used to purchase and develop land and other park facilities that have been approved through the required methodology and project list for developing such a fee.

For further general SDC information visit: Public Works - FAQsCurrent Fees

Parks and Recreation Department System Development Charges and methodology. Updated 2017
Additional Department Information

Parks, Recreation and Facilities Department Contacts

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Phone: (541) 774-2400
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