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Wildfire Home Safety

Ready, Set, Go! Wildfire Action Guide
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In September 2009 we witnessed how quickly a fire could spread within the wildland-urban interface area when, in just a few hours, the Deer Ridge Fire consumed 633 acres in the foothills of East Medford. Fortunately in this incident, no lives were lost and all homes were saved. Under different conditions, our area may not be as fortunate in the future.

Maintaining a defensible space and eliminating home ignition hazards around a home can make a difference. One success story was a home on Panorama Drive which survived the fire without firefighting intervention. This example serves as a good example of how preparation can make all the difference. The fire burned towards the home and around the home, but lost momentum when it approached the home because the homeowner had previously thinned and mowed the vegetation around the home. The home did not ignite.

Firewise Communities USA Program
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Preparing your property before fire season is the best preventative measure to reduce the risk of losing your home in a wildfire. It also reduces the overall risk to your area. Working now to reduce ignition hazards around you home and create a defensible space will help protect your home should a wildfire develop in your area. For information about actions you can take now to prepare your property for wildfire season, click here

Ready, Set, Go! Program Video
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the Ready, Set, Go! video

Click on the pictures on this page and the links below for information that can help you get ready for fire season:

Home Wildfire Risk Assessment
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The following are excellent videos showing steps you can take to prepare your family, home, and property for wildfire season:

Living with Wildfire
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Your Home Can Survive a Wildfire Video

Dr. Jack Cohen, Fire Science Researcher with the USDA Forest Service, explains current research about how homes ignite during wildfires, and the actions that homeowners can take to help their home survive the impacts of flames and embers. 

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