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Photo Red Light Program

The first red light cameras in Medford were installed in 2002, the system was completed in 2005. Medford Police entered into a new five-year contract with Redflex in February of 2015.

Effect of the Use of Cameras on Traffic Safety
  • Medford currently has four photo enforced red light intersections.
  • Historically there has been an overall reduction in red light running violations.
  • The average number of violations captured in 2015-2016 was 2366, a 38% reduction compared to 2005
  • Crashes at photo red light intersections have decreased 46% compared to 2005.
  • 58% of red light violators detected by the City’s photo red light cameras do not live in Medford.
We have conducted surveys as part of Operation CARE to gauge the degree of acceptance of both photo radar and photo red light enforcement.  

Compiled results for the last two years:
The degree of Public Acceptance of the Use of Cameras
  • over 93% of Medford residents who were surveyed during Operation CARE advised they are aware of the photo red light program.
  • 70% rated the photo red light program as very good to good.
  • 83% rated the photo red light program as improving traffic safety.
Degree of Public Acceptance – Photo Radar
  • 86% advised they were aware of the City’s photo radar program
  • 71% rated the photo radar program as very good to good
  • 89% rated the photo radar program as improving traffic safety
Additionally, A significant number of our Operation CARE respondents list concerns about traffic violations.
In 2017 NTSB released a study that found that Speed – and therefore speeding – increases crash risk in two ways: (1) it increases the likelihood of being involved in a crash, and (2) it increases the severity of injuries sustained by all road users in a crash and that Automated speed enforcement (ASE) is also widely acknowledged as an effective countermeasure to reduce speeding-related crashes, fatalities, and injuries.

HB 2409 EN – Photo Red Light Speed – This measure authorizes cities to operate photo red light cameras to record and cite drivers who speed in excess of 11 miles per hour over the speed limit. The measure prohibits a city from issuing both a speeding ticket and a ticket for running a red light unless a driver exceeds the speed limit by more than 21 miles per hour. This will go into effect in October 2017.
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