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Bee City USA

Bee City USA
The Medford Parks, Recreation and Facilities Department is proud to be the host agency for Medford's Bee City USA status!

Medford earned Bee City USA designation on April 4, 2019 when the City Council adopted Resolution No. 2019-23 consenting to the requirements of being a Bee City, which are:
  1. Establish and maintain a Bee City USA sub-committee charged with assembling and disseminating information regarding pollinator-friendly habitat and policies. (This would be accomplished by forming a sub-committee of the Parks and Recreation Commission.)
  2. Install and maintain at least one “Bee City USA” street sign in a prominent location.
  3. Create and maintain hyperlinks on the Parks and Recreation website to the City’s Bee City USA sub-committee, the signed resolution, the Bee City USA website, and summaries of the pollinator-friendly activities undertaken by the City.
  4. Commit to annually celebrate National Pollinator Week (third week of June) or some other appropriate event, proclamation or promotions.

Many pollinators are imperiled due to disease, pesticides, and starvation caused by habitat loss. Join us in celebrating pollinators and raising awareness of the contribution bees and butterflies make to our food supply.

Key Information and Links:

Bee City USA Medford subcommittee members:
  • Amrita Cottrell
  • Brooke Nuckles
  • Nancy Bluhm
  • Rich Rosenthal, staff liaison, Parks and Recreation Director
  • Marie Cabler, Parks and Recreation Commission liaison
Contact the committee:

Planting for Pollinators:
•    Pollinator Project Rogue Valley - Resources      
•    Rogue Valley Pollinator-Friendly Nurseries 
•    The Pollinator Partnership's planting guides by ecoregion   
•    USDA Plants Database  
•    The Xerces Society for Invertebrate Conservation--Fact Sheets/Plant Guides 
•    National Wildlife Federation - Certified Wildlife Habitat Pollinator Information
•    USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service - Plants for Pollinators in Oregon 
•    OSU Extension - 12 Plants to Entice Pollinators
•    Planning a Pollinator Garden (for Elementary Schools)
•    ​Six reasons NOT to clean up the garden this fall

Pollinator Information:
•    Why Bees are Disappearing - TED talk by Marla Spivak 
•    Native Pollinators - Natural Resources Conservation Service

Pesticides and Pollinators:
•    Beyond Pesticides - non-profit organization provides resources and current information
•    Effects of subleathal doses of glyphosate on honeybee navigation – Journal of Experimental Biology  
•    How Neonicotinoids Can Kill Bees
•    Bee Safe Gardening Tips
•    Products Compatible with Organic Landscape Management

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