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Park Utility Fee

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is A Parks Utility Fund Needed?

Over the years many right-of-way and beautification areas were developed that have become the maintenance responsibility of the Medford Parks and Recreation Department.  However,  there were no dedicated funds to offset the cost of maintenance.  Examples of these include:

  • Biddle Road
  • Hwy 238 - Medford Entry Sign Area
  • Phoenix/Foothill Road
  • McAndrews Extension
  • North Medford Interchange
  •  Park Strips  - throughout Medford

In June 2005, the Medford City Council established the monthly per unit Park Utility Fee to help generate funds for maintenance of parkland, beautification areas and right-of-ways. In 2007, the purpose of the fee was expanded to include debt service for public recreation facilities, and the fee was changed from 31 cents to $2.95 per month.  In 2020, the City Council lowered the Storm Drain Fee to offset a $2.40 increase to the Park Utility Fee. As of July 15, 2020 the PUF is $5.35 per month.

The Park Utility Fee can be found in the Medford Municipal Code, Section 4.1001 through 4.1021.

Who Pays The Park Utility Fund (PUF)

Each developed parcel in the City of Medford will be assessed a per unit/monthly fee. Ordinance 2005-120 states that the person paying the City's water utility charges shall pay the fee. The fee commences upon connection to the water system, completion, occupancy, or use of improvements; whichever comes first. This fee will not show individually on your water statements but rather is included in the amount of the Street Utility Fee line item.

How Much is Collected?

The current PUF is currently $5.35 per month, per unit. In February 2007, City Council approved an additional fee of $2.56 per month to help pay for construction of U.S. Cellular Community Park (then known as the Medford Sports and Community Park). In June 2020, the City Council approved an increase of $2.40 per month to help construct the Medford Sports and Events Complex.

What is Meant by Per Unit?

A unit is defined as a residential dwelling unit, business unit or tenant space.  If two dwelling units are associated with the water bill then the charge will be the monthly fee x 2 units, if a business complex has 4 units the charge will be the monthly fee x 4 units.

Are there Exceptions to the Fee?

Yes, MMC 4.1021 allows for fees to not be assessed when the property is unoccupied. Contact the Parks and Recreation Department at 774-2400, or e-mail to make a request.

Additional Department Information

Parks, Recreation and Facilities Department Contacts

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Medford, OR 97501
Phone: (541) 774-2400
Fax: (541) 774-2560
Hours: 8 a.m. - 5p.m.

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