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Springbrook - Cedar Links/Pheasant Lane (STA1689)

Project Details: This project reconstructs Springbrook Road from Cedar Links to Pheasant Lane, including intersection treatment at Cedar Links Drive and Springbrook Road (either a roundabout or signal).

December 2017:
A Transportation Facility (TF) Development application was submitted to the Planning Department. The TF is scheduled to go before the Planning Commission on February 8, 2018, and then to City Council on March 15, 2018, for approval.

March 2018:
City Council approved the TF Development application on March 15, 2018. The approved scope will construct a roundabout at Springbrook Road and Cedar Links Drive and complete street improvements from Cedar Links Drive to Pheasant Lane.

July 2018:
City of Medford survey crews have been verifying right-of-way lines and gathering Lone Pine Creek topographic data. Public Works is soliciting a Consultant to perform a No-rise Analysis/Flood Study on Lone Pine Creek.   

October 2018:
Public Works has selected Thornton Engineering to perform a hydraulic study of Lone Pine Creek at Springbrook Road. The hydraulic study will lead to a No-rise Analysis as needed to perform street improvements within the mapped floodplain. Public Works is currently soliciting the services of an Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) certified appraiser to perform appraisals as needed to acquire real property .

January 2019:
Thornton Engineering is currently performing a hydraulic study of Lone Pine Creek at Springbrook Road. The hydraulic study will lead to a no-rise analysis to perform street improvements within the mapped floodplain. An Appraiser is valuing existing property in order to acquire land needed to construct the project. Currently, in the process of hiring a wetland consultant to obtain environmental permits for a new Lone Pine Creek box culvert crossing beneath Springbrook Road.  

March 2019:
Design footprint for roundabout at intersection of Springbrook and Cedar Links being reviewed, modified, and finalized.  Appraisals are nearly completed which will allow project-based acquisition of existing land to occur. No-rise hydraulic study continues and stormwater management plan creation is starting.   

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Click here to read the notification that was mailed to all property owners within 200 feet of the project. This went out 21 days prior to the scheduled February 8 public hearing.

Project Details
Roundabouts: Improving Intersection Safety - ODOT

Project Maps
Springbrook map 1
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Springbrook map 2
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Springbrook map 3
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July 2019:
The City's wetland consultant, Terra Science, is performing a wetland delineation and environmental permitting as needed to construct a new box culvert crossing beneath Springbrook Road at Lone Pine Creek and to construct street improvements from Pheasant Lane to Cedar Links.  Thirty percent (30%) plan review scheduled to occur August 2019.  Coordinating with utilities to schedule facility relocation, as needed.  
Springbrook Road Improvement Project Map


October 2019:​
Thornton Engineering currently performing a hydraulic study of Lone Pine Creek at Springbrook Road and analyzing the impacts, if any, from lengthening the existing box culvert beneath Springbrook Road. CEC Engineering currently working on a storm water management plan for the project.  Terra Science, our wetland consultant, is currently working to obtain a permit from the Army Corps of Engineers and Division of State Lands for impacts to Lone Pine Creek associated with box culvert construction. Estimated timeline is 9-12 months. Overall project design continues to move forward with an emphasis placed on final location and geometric shape of the roundabout at Springbrook and Cedar Links.

Project Details

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Public Works Engineering
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