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“Striving for opportunities and partnerships to develop affordable housing, revitalize neighborhoods and provide public services to our community”

The Housing and Community Development Division is working diligently to address issues centered on growth and development while meeting the needs of all community members to provide safe, decent, and affordable housing. Along with this, the Division is dedicated to providing an efficient delivery of public services, as well as maintaining and improving infrastructure.

The Division works directly with two city commissions in order to address community development and housing issues. If you have any questions, or would like to learn more about these commissions, click here.

The Division also administers multiple programs and services that are aimed to provide resources for community members and businesses. If you have any questions, or would like to learn more about these programs and services, please click on one of the links below or to the left.
Affordable Housing Button
Affordable Housing

The Housing and Community Development Division is dedicated to providing affordable housing options for all income levels. We recognize the importance of having affordable housing in a community and have identified it as a critical component to economic development. Research has shown that the availability of affordable homes supports the creation of new employees at a rate consistent with comparable market prices. Along with this, stable and affordable housing options allow families to attend to other needs, thus enabling them to be self-sufficient and productive members of the community.

We are determined to assist in both the development and attainment of affordable housing. We are working with developers to support them in the creation of affordable units while helping individuals and families be placed in their future homes.

To learn more, please visit our affordable housing page by clicking on the icon above.
Public Services
Public Services

The City of Medford’s Public Services Program represents one of a number of efforts that are undertaken by the city to improve the breadth and quality of support received by those in our community who are in need of social services. Each year, the city of Medford receives funding to support locally identified community development initiatives. These initiatives are based on a Consolidated Plan that is developed by the City every five years through a process that includes citizens, service providers and recipients, non-profit and for-profit housing developers, and other community representatives.
Addressing Homelessness
Addressing Homelessness

The Housing and Community Development Division is working tirelessly to prevent the growth rate of homelessness in our city by engaging in community partnerships and providing relevant resources.

If you or someone you know is currently experiencing homelessness, please visit our homeless page by clicking on the icon above.
Neighborhood Revitalization
Neighborhood Revitalization

Neighborhood revitalization is about building capacity and empowering community members. Our division aims to preserve and enhance neighborhoods within the city of Medford. We believe that empowerment can be obtained through providing the necessary education and resources that would allow citizens to become involved and improve conditions in their neighborhoods. We also wish to promote civic pride and responsibility in and among neighbors and neighborhoods. Ultimately it is our desire to enhance the sense of community throughout the City of Medford.

To find out how to become involved, please visit our neighborhood revitalization page by clicking on the icon above.
Grants and Incentives
Grants and Incentives

The City of Medford administers multiple programs and resources that provides assistance for housing and community development projects that benefit low- and moderate-income persons. Funding is received through federal programs and rewarded through various application processes.

To learn if you qualify, please visit our grants and incentives page by clicking on the icon above.
Problem Properties
Problem Properties
The City of Medford is working hard to address problem properties through a collaboration of several departments. It is our goal to make sure that all city properties and residential areas are safe and up to code. Between the city programs working on this issue, 96 properties have been identified and addressed in one way or another.

If you know of a property that is not in compliance with city code, or would like to learn more information regarding the various available resources for problem properties, please click on the icon above.

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