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   Chief Scott Clauson

On behalf of the 108 police officers, 33 civilian employees and 30 volunteers of the Medford Police Department, welcome to the homepage of the Medford Police Department.

The Medford Police Department is a leader in the law enforcement profession and it is truly my privilege to lead such a talented, dedicated, and proactive group of first class police professionals.

We’ve recently made some enhancements to our web page with the goals of not only making your navigating simpler and quicker but to provide more content that is meaningful and useful to you.

In visiting our website you will find it to be both interactive and easy to navigate. It contains a wealth of resources and information. Other areas of content are being reviewed regularly, with changes, updates, and enhancements scheduled on an ongoing basis.

The easier we make it for YOU to find the information you want or need, the better we are able to serve you. Information is not a one way street; we are seeking and rely on input and feedback from our community. We welcome your input on how we can keep this site relevant and useful. Please feel free to share your ideas with us.

Our website enhances community participation, which is essential to promote a philosophy of Prevention, Intervention and Enforcement as we work together to increase information sharing, improve community livability, combat crime, and reduce the fear of crime.

Thanks for your interest in the Medford Police Department!

Non-Emergency Dispatch - (541) 770-4784

Records - (541) 774-2250

Code Enforcement - (541) 774-2016


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You can now report some incidents online using the Medford Police Coplogic reporting system. This system will enable you to directly submit a variety of different incidents to the Medford Police Department, and print your own case report.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Bad Checks
A "Fraudulent Document Report" must be filled out in order to proceed with prosecution for a bad check. This form is available at the Medford Police Department Fraud Investigation Section located at 219 S. Ivy Street. There are a few guidelines that must be met in order to accept a check for prosecution:


  1. No out of state checks, regardless of the address of the suspect.
  2. For non-sufficient funds checks (NSF)- $200.00 minimum or combined amount.
  3. For account closed checks- $100.00 minimum.
  4. For forgery- no minimum value.
  5. No two-party checks.
  6. No counter checks.
  7. ID must have been checked and recorded or personal recognition by person accepting check.
  8. 10-day (NSF check only) grace period for notification to suspect by merchant.
  9. Check must be turned over for prosecution not more than 60 days after being rejected by the bank.

For further information, phone the Fraud Investigation Section at (541) 774-2230.

Bike Licenses/Laws
A bike license form may be filled out online at our website by clicking here.  It can also be filled out at the police department. It is free to obtain the license and only takes a few minutes to complete the process. We must know the serial number of the bike to complete the form. For further information, or to have a form sent to your home, contact Medford Police Records at (541) 774-2250.
Anyone under the age of 16, riding a bicycle in a place open to the public, is required to wear protective headgear in compliance with ORS 815.052.
City Ordinances OR Nuisance Related Questions

Vehicles, with valid registration, may sit in the same location without moving for 5 days.  They become a violation on day 6.  Once they move a minimum of 25 feet from their original position this 5-day period will start over.  Vehicles with expired registration should not be on the street for any length of time.  See Medford Municipal Code 6.345

Trucks or buses cannot park on a street in front of or within 100 feet of a hotel, apartment, residence, city park, or school between the hours of 9:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m. During the remaining hours of the day, motor trucks, truck trailers, and commercial buses may only park on residential streets of the city while in the process of loading or unloading persons or property to adjacent properties. This limitation does not apply to commercial and/or industrial zones.
5.255 Hours of Park Closure (1) No person shall be in Prescott Park, any other city public park, the I.O.O.F./Eastwood Cemetery or vehicle parking area of those parks or cemetery at any time between the hours of 10:30 p.m. and 6 a.m., except that this section shall not apply to: (a) pedestrians crossing the Mini Park or Library Park on a paved path; (b) participants or spectators of an athletic contest in park areas lit by park flood lights for those contests; (c) persons attending a scheduled event in a park or park building designated for community recreation or instruction; (d) city employees or other government employees during the course of official activities. (2) Violation of this section constitutes a violation. Amd. Ord. No. 5994, Oct. 15, 1987; Amd. Ord. No. 2000-39, March 2, 2000; Amd. Ord. No. 2000-45, March 16, 2000.]
5.600 Control of Dogs (1) No person who owns or keeps a dog shall permit the dog to: (a) defecate on a street, sidewalk or publicly owned property unless the person immediately removes the feces from the property; (b) chase vehicles or persons; (c) scatter garbage; (d) run at large anywhere within the City limits, or within any city-owned public park except for any park area specifically designated as a dog park. To run at large means to be off a leash. (2) Violation of this section constitutes a violation. [Amd. Sec. 1, Ord. No. 1999-151, Oct. 28, 1999; Amd. Ord. No. 2000-45, March 16, 2000.]
Unlike vehicles, any type of manufactured vehicle or trailer, ie. boat trailer, camp trailer, utility trailer, etc., are only allowed for 24 hours and then must be removed from the public right-of-way and placed on private property.  It should be realized that the public street is for just parking, not storing.  (See Medford Municipal Code 6.345 (2))
The City of Medford has a graffiti ordinance that requires the affected property owner to remove or cover over the graffiti within 10 days of notification of the nuisance.  The Code Enforcement Department takes photos of the graffiti (or accepts digital photos via email) and forwards them to the Gang/Street Drug Unit within the Police Department for their follow-up investigation.  Phone calls to the Code Enforcement Department are appreciated when instances of graffiti are noticed so that we can get this damage covered over or removed as soon as possible to help keep the city graffiti-free.  See Medford Municipal Code 5.519

All owners of RESIDENTIAL rental property within the city limits of Medford is required to subscribe to and pay for weekly garbage service.  This means that your landlord (or property manager) must order & pay directly for your garbage service through the current City of Medford franchise holder.  The City of Medford has no other requirements for what the property owner must provide tenants, any other requirements would be between the tenant and landlord as per a rental agreement.  See Medford Municipal Code 5.502.

No.  Advertising relating to commercial enterprises of any kind is not allowed to be placed in or on a vehicle without the consent of the owner.  The only exception is handbills or stickers placed by US, state, county or municipalities for enforcement activities.  See Medford Municipal Code 8.835

No.   It is unlawful to post or attach in any way a sign on a utility pole, wall, hydrant, bridge, tree or structure in the public right-of-way except by permission of the City Council.

Yes.  Chickens are allowed in Medford but with conditions:  the environment they are kept in must be kept odor and debris free; and the chickens cannot cause a noise disturbance to neighboring properties.

No.  Trailers can only be occupied if parked in an RV park.  Medford Municipal Code 10.859

Complaints-Internal Affairs

The City of Medford developed a "Customer Satisfaction Card" to be retained in each department of the city.  The Police Department has copies of these cards at the Police information counter located on the first floor of the Medford Police Department, 219 S. Ivy Street. The "Customer Satisfaction Card" may be used to comment, whether good or bad, on police services and personnel.  These cards are then given to the employee's supervisor and the City Manager's Office.  You may also e-mail or write a letter to the department, Attn. Randy Sparacino, Chief of Police, and the information will be relayed to the appropriate personnel.

To send a comment card electronically, you can HERE and submit the form.

To make a complaint against an employee(s) of the Medford Police Department, it is desirable that you come to the Police Department and lodge the complaint with the Watch Commander or the specific supervisor of the employee(s) against whom the complaint is being filed. However you may lodge the complaint with any employee of the Department, or you may telephone or mail the complaint to the Department in care of the Chief of Police. The department will treat all information received confidentially, but you should be advised that before any action will be taken against any employee, they will be advised of all charges against them, their accuser(s), and the witness(s) against them to ensure that their civil rights are protected and they are afforded due process under the law.
Crime Related Information
Information on filing a restraining order is handled through Jackson County Circuit Court at (541) 776-7171.

A person may contact the Oregon State Police Sex Offender Registration Unit (503) 378-3720 for any questions regarding sex offenders.

You may also go to the following web page at:

Using this website, you can search by name and physical address (within a 1 mile radius).


Location and Hours of the Police Department
The Medford Police Department is located in downtown Medford at 219 S. Ivy Street. 
The Medford Police Department lobby is open from 6a.m.-8p.m. Monday thru Friday; it is closed on the weekends and on major holidays.
Obtaining Criminal History Information
A person may request a copy of their criminal history through the Oregon State Police Identification Service Section located in Portland Oregon. A request form may be picked up at the Medford Police Department or the local Oregon State Police Office. You must submit a set of your fingerprints, along with a completed request form and a $12.00 payment to:

Oregon State Police
Identification Services Section
Unit 11
PO Box 4395
Portland, OR 97208-4395

A notarized copy may be requested for an additional $5.00. Checks and money orders should be made payable to Oregon State Police. For further questions please call (503) 378-3070, ext. 236.

If you are only interested in a local records check, the Medford Police Department will do an adult criminal arrest record check for the city of Medford only. The charge for this service is $10.00.

A person may request an "Open Record Check." This form is given out when someone wants to check the background of another person. A form may be picked up at the Medford Police Department or the local Oregon State Police Office. The fee for this service is $15.00. Mail form and check or money order to:

Oregon State Police
Identification Services Section
Attn: Open Records
PO Box 430034
Portland, OR 97208

No.  The person that may have the warrant may come to the police department in person and show ID and we will advise them if they have a warrant. 

However, a citizen who feels a person may be wanted may leave that information with the police department and we will follow-up with that information.

To determine whether there is a warrant for your arrest, you must appear at the police station in person with identification.  No information about warrants is given over the phone.


Obtaining Police Records

A copy of a police report may be obtained from the Medford Police Records Department located at 219 S. Ivy Street. Not all cases can be released, even if you are the victim.  For example, we cannot release a case if it's still under investigation.

For further questions, please phone the Records Division at (541) 774-2250.

Yes.  A copy of a police report that is readily available is $20.00.  You may pay via cash, check, or credit card.

If you have specifics about a case, you may get a copy of that case as long as it is closed. Cases that involve Juveniles cannot be released by our agency.  You may contact JDH at (541) 774-4800 in regards to obtaining these records. 

For more information, contact the Medford Police Records Department at (541) 774-2250.

Property Control Information
The Police Department no longer holds auctions.  All items eligible for auction are handled by -  to see these items go to:

Resource Phone Numbers
The Phone number to report a non-emergency is (541) 770-4783.
The Detective division may be reached by phoning (541)774-2230.
Police Records and Information may be reached by phoning (541) 774-2250.
The Medford Municipal Court number is (541) 774-2040.
Restraining Order Questions

Clicking on the following link will direct you to a seven-minute video that offers Domestic Violence Survivors instruction and simulated view of what to expect when filing for a restraining order.  The DVD was made possible by a STOP VAWA Grant, in collaboration with CVSD and Oregon State Police/LEDS. 

*  Please note that this is a large file, and may take awhile to load.


Traffic/Vehicle Related Questions

Infants must ride in a child safety system in a rear-facing position until both one year of age AND 20 pounds.

Children over one year of age AND between 20-40 pounds must be properly secured in a foward-facing child safety seat.

Children over 40 pounds must be properly secured in a booster seat until 8 years of age OR 4'9" in height.

Children who are age 8 or older, OR taller than 4'9" must ride properly secured with a safety belt system.

You must go to Medford Municipal Court, located on the second floor of City Hall at 411 W. 8th Street, to get a sticker to place on the back of your ticket. You will then go to the Police Department located at 219 S. Ivy Street and request an on-duty officer or Community Service Officer to sign off on the ticket. The ticket will then need to be taken back to Municipal Court for dismissal.

Yes. The Medford Police Department has a Citizen Traffic Compliant Form available to fill out anytime a person has a complaint against another citizen for a traffic violation.  Citizen Traffic complaint forms are available at the Police Records counter on the 1st floor of of the Medford Police Department, 219 S. Ivy Street.  After the form is filled out, a case number is obtained and the statement is sworn to and signed in front of a Medford Police Records Specialist.

The Municipal Court Judge and the City Attorney will review the form and decide if there is enough evidence to cite the offender. The City Attorney will notify the Police Department if a cite needs to be issued to the offender.

Please contact Diamond Parking with your parking questions, to purchase parking permits or to pay parking citations.  Diamond Parking is located behind the Middleford Parking Garage at 301 Middleford Alley in downtown Medford.  They can be reached at (541) 774-2082.  The Police Department and Municipal Court are not involved with these tickets.
The Medford Police Department handles abandoned autos through their Code Enforcement Division. You may reach this division by phoning (541) 774-2016. Abandoned vehicles are tagged by Community Service Officers per the City Ordinance. An abandoned vehicle cannot be parked on a public way for more than twenty-four (24) hours.
The motor vehicle must be valued at less than $500.00. You must complete a Medford Police Abandoned Vehicle-Notice of Tow Form, available at the Medford Police Department. Affix the notice to the vehicle stating that the vehicle will be towed if it is not removed. (The notice shall remain on the vehicle for 72 hours before the vehicle may be removed). Prepare the vehicle for towing by removing all garbage or trash. Call a participating tow company (list available at the police department), and furnish the "Notice of Tow" to the tow company. The tow company will phone the police department with necessary information.
Trucks or buses cannot park on a street in front of or within 100 feet of a hotel, apartment, residence, city park, or school between the hours of 9:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m. During the remaining hours of the day, motor trucks, truck trailers, and commercial buses may only park on residential streets of the city while in the process of loading or unloading persons or property to adjacent properties. This limitation does not apply to commercial and/or industrial zones.
Due to the potential for damage to some vehicles, the police department does not open locked vehicles. A locksmith is your best alternative. If a child or animal is inside your vehicle, the police department will send a rescue unit to remove the child or animal from the vehicle.

Items Needed for Impound Vehicle Release:

    1.  Proof of Ownership:

  • Name of Registered Owner or Lien Holder must be on DMV registration files, or
  • Official (stamped) paperwork from DMV showing transfer of title

    2.  Proof of Valid Insurance on the Vehicle:

  • Insurance policy has to show the specific vehicle on the policy.
  • Policy does not have to be in the Registered Owner's or Lien Holder's name.

    3.  Proof that a Person with Valid Driving Privileges will be Operating the Vehicle:

  • Valid driver's license, or
  • Implied Consent temporary permit.  (Issued to DUII drivers when license confiscated).  This is valid for 30 days - 12 hours after issuance.

    4.  Police Department Administrative Fee:

  • $120.00 cash.  Check is acceptable if local business.  We also accept Visa/Mastercard.



The vehicle taken into custody is subject to a $120.00 cash/credit card administrative fee to be paid to the Medford Police Department.  Towing and storage charges are to be paid to the towing company and are separate from this charge.  The vehicle will be sold if the charges are not paid.

The owner, possessor, or person having a legal interest in the vehicle is entitled to a hearing to contest the validity of taking the vehicle into custody and removing it, and to contest the reasonableness of the towing and storage charges.  In order to have a hearing, you must do the following three things:

  1. Request a hearing, in writing, and mail or deliver it no later than five days from the date of your tow notice.  Your hearing shall be set for four days after the request is received.  These time periods do not include Saturdays, Sundays, or Holidays.
  2. Your request must state the grounds upon which you believe the custody and removal of the vehicle is not justified.
  3. Mail or deliver your written request to:  Medford Municipal Court, 411 W. 8th Street #285, Medford, OR 97501-3188.

Further information may be obtained from the Medford Police Department (541) 774-2250

Q. What is the definition of a scooter?
A. It has no more than 3 wheels; has handlebars and foot support area; has a power source incapable of going over 24 mph.

Q. How old do you have to be to ride a scooter?
A. Age 16 or older

Q. Do you have to wear a helmet?
A. Yes.  Always, regardless of age.

Q. Do you need a license?
A. No, but if your license is suspended, you may not operate any motor vehicle, including motorized scooters.

Q.  Where can I ride a scooter?
Any Roadway that has a designated speed limit of 25 mph or less.  They can be ridden on a roadway with a greater posted speed limit, but only if there is a bike lane and it is utilized by the operator.

Q. Is there a maximum limit on a gas motor?
A. Yes, 35cc.  If the motor size exceeds this, the vehicle falls under the guidelines for mopeds.

Q. Is there a maximum limit on electric motors?
A. Yes, 1000 Watts.  If the motor size exceeds this, the vehicle falls under the guidelines for mopeds.

Q. What is the maximum speed limit?
A. 15 mph

Q. Does my scooter need to be insured?
A. No

Q. Can I ride my scooter in a designated crosswalk zone?
A. No, the scooter must be walked.

Q. Does my scooter need to have lights, turn signals, etc?
A. Except when riding at night, no, but the operator is responsible for making the proper hand signals when turning.

Q. Does my scooter need to be registered?
A. No

Q. Can I ride my scooter on the sidewalk?
A. No.


Additional Department Information

Police Contacts

219 S. Ivy
Medford, OR 97501
Phone: (541) 774-2250
Fax: (541) 774-2570
Email: Subscribe

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