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Welcome to Public Works!

We are responsible for designing, installing and maintaining infrastructure in the public right-of-way that helps you get to your destination, prevents floods and transports as well as treats wastewater.  If you have questions, or want to learn more about, streets, traffic signals, storm drainage, sewer collection or wastewater treatment, please click on one of the links to the left.

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Cleaning Creeks and Ditches
Debris should not be put in the creeks, but if it ends up there, then the Public Works Maintenance Division will remove it once each year.
Public Works Maintenance Division 541-774-2600, once every third year.
Developing My Property
Call the Medford Planning Department at 541-774-2380.
There are a variety of fees associated with the development of a piece of property. The Planning Department 541-774-2380 can tell you about fees associated with applications for various kinds of land use actions, such as subdivisions, zone changes, etc. The Building Safety Department 541-774-2350 can tell you about fees for various types of building permits. The Engineering and Development Division of Public Works 541-774-2100 can tell you about Systems Development Fees (SDC’s), hook-up charges, plat checking fees, etc. The Medford Water Commission 541-774-2430 and the Parks Department 541-774-2400 also have fees related to developing a piece of property.
Call the Medford Planning Department at 541-774-2380.
Being within the City Limits entitles one to various City Services, such as Police, Fire, Water, Sewer, etc. If you are interested in annexing a piece of property to the City, contact the Medford Planning Department at 541-774-2380.

Property lines are officially established by professional land surveyors. However, if your street frontage is improved with curb and walks, the Public Works Department may have improvement plans that may show a relationship between the improvements and your front property line also known as the public right-of-way line. 

Please contact the Public Works Department 541-774-2100 to see if information may be available for your property.   Determination of the front property line (public right-of-way line) is ultimately the responsibility of the property owner, and the City assumes no liability for the information it provides. 

If the determination is needed to establish setbacks for structures, the City strongly recommends retaining a licensed land surveyor to determine where the front property line is located.

The Jackson County Surveyors office is also available and could assist you in finding surveys that may have previously established your property lines 541-774-6191.


Medford Utilities collects utility fees for the Public Works Department. These fees are used to maintain the City's sanitary sewers, storm drains, streets, street lights and traffic signals, and to help maintain the Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant. Contact Engineering & Development 541-774-2100 for more information.

‘SDC’ stands for ‘System Development Charge’.  It is sometimes called an ‘impact fee’.  The City charges SDCs at the time a new building permit is taken out to pay for the additional street, storm drain, and sewer capacities needed to serve new customers. It is related to the additional “load” placed on the various infrastructure systems by new buildings, new development or additions to existing buildings. The Engineering & Development Division 541-774-2100 calculates SDC’s for streets, sanitary sewers, storm drains and sewage treatment. If you know what type of building, the nature of the occupancy and the size of the building, we can give you a rough estimate of the amount of the SDC’s that will be charged. The Medford Water Commission 541-772-2430 is responsible for an SDC for the water system and the Parks Department 541-774-2400 is responsible for an SDC for new parks. If you have questions about any of these fees, contact the appropriate department.
SDC’s are based on how much of a system’s capacity will be used by new development. We can provide an estimate of what these fees will be. Contact Engineering & Development, 541-774-2100.
Other Public Works FAQ's
You may call in a service request if a street light is not working properly. We will need the exact location, the pole number (a small metal tag attached to the pole) and a description of the type of pole. Contact Public Works Maintenance 541-774-2600.
The information you provide on this form helps us determine the amount of your monthly street utility fee. Generally, the square footage and type of business are the determining factors. Contact Engineering & Development 541-774-2100.
To report a deceased animal, contact:

Public Works Operations
Rogue Disposal
Contact Rogue Disposal 541-779-4161.
Public Works funding is 95% user-fees. Only 5% is from property taxes.
Regional Water Reclamation Facility
The City of Medford purchased the original Camp White plant in 1948 from the Federal Government. By 1956 Medford was treating wastewater from Central Point, Phoenix, and Bear Creek Valley Sanitary District (BCVSA). In 1969 a twenty year agreement was signed which gave Medford the responsibility to bond and construct a new facility on the existing site, to be paid for by monthly user fees. Subsequent expansions have been paid for through System Development Charges since 1980.
The RWRF is a regional facility that currently serves the cities of Central Point, Eagle Point, Jacksonville, Medford, Phoenix, Talent, White City, and the areas served by RVS.
The Plant Manager is Dustin Hagemann. 
Yes, contact Ed Sturtevant to arrange a tour at 541-774-2750.
Please provide us with your brochures, business cards, etc., and a facility supervisor(s) will call you to discuss your product (service) if they are interested. Visitation is by appointment only between the hours of 7:30 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday with the exception of Holidays.
We are located off of Table Rock Road on Kirtland Road near the intersection of Antelope and Kirtland, (1100 Kirtland Road).
Yes, the Industrial Waste Pretreatment Program was originally approved by Oregon’s Department of Environmental Quality on July 7, 1983.
Twenty one, eight of which are categorical industrial users that have specific federal requirements.
Yes, the plants Biosolids Management Plan was approved by the Department of Environmental Quality in 1988. The biosolids program is conducted in accordance with the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) waste discharge permit, 40CFR Part 503 (Code of Federal Regulations), and OAR Chapter 340 Division 50 (Oregon Administrative Rules) regulations and requirements.
The biosolids are beneficially used. They are applied to local farmland at crop nutrient requirement levels. Some is beneficially used as cover and fill material at the local landfill.
The Rogue Disposal transfer station 541-779-4161 and Matt Garris Waste Oil Recovery, Inc. 541-830-1100 are both good sources to dispose of waste oil to be recycled. Matt Garris also takes anti-freeze. Rogue Disposal suggests you call their phone number for their annual hazardous waste disposal event dates if you prefer to use Rogue Disposal for anti-freeze disposal. Since ethylene glycol anti-freeze is a poison, if everyone disposed of antifreeze down the drain, contamination of the environment could result. There may be additional recyclers listed in the phone book to handle these hazardous wastes in an environment-friendly manner.
Campgrounds, RV Parks, and some gas stations. We do not take it at our facility.
The average daily influent flow for 2005 was 18 million gallons per day.
Currently the treated water flows into the Rogue River, with a small amount reused for RWRF landscape irrigation and a pilot agricultural reuse project to grow Poplar trees and fiber plants such as Kenaf grass and Mescanthus for pulp and lumber.
The RWRF has a staff of twenty-seven. The staff operates and maintains process equipment, performs lab analyses, monitors industries, oversees long range regional planning, and manages and inspects design and construction projects for the facility. User rates are among the lowest in Oregon, and the entire U.S.
The bar screens have removed glass eyeballs, false teeth, and money (thanks, but tipping is not required).
Sewers, Storm Drains, and Water Lines
We will mark the location in the street right-of-way if you plan to do construction which may disturb the sewer lateral. The locations of the sewer mains, sewer laterals, and storm drain pipes can also be determined from maps located in the Engineering and Development office located at 200 S. Ivy Street on the second floor of the Lausmann Annex at Medford City Hall 541-774-2100. To find the locations of water mains, however, you will have to talk to the people in the Medford Water Commission offices. They are currently located on the first floor of the Lausmann Annex to City Hall, Room 177.
Contact Public Works Maintenance Division 541-774-2600.
Public Works Maintenance Division 541-774-2600. Then the problem may be in your private lateral, but if it is the City main-line, then this will save you the cost of calling a plumber.
Contact Medford Water Commission 541-774-2430.
The property owner is responsible for maintaining the sidewalk along the frontage of the property. The property owner is also liable for any injuries resulting from hazardous sidewalks. If you would like to report a hazardous sidewalk, call the Engineering and Development Division at 541-774-2100.
Snow Routes
The City is planning to use red cinder on a trial basis during the winter of 2017/2018 to see if it is a superior product compared to what is currently used. While red cinder may provide better traction, it may also be a bit messier. 
It is the City’s general policy to sand Arterial and Collector streets only. This policy was derived from a number of factors; the most important factor being a lack of resources required to remove the sand after the snow event. 
The intent of sanding the streets is to assist motorists with traction to help them get to their destination safely. However, after a period of time, the sand gets displaced to the edges of the travel lane by vehicles and would then only help a motorist in recovering from a skid or slide on the edges of the travel lane. Motorists should still use extra caution when driving in these conditions even if the road has been sanded. 
The City of Medford generally does not plow city streets. In fact, we do not have any snow plows. If it is determined that plowing is needed, we do have a plow attachment for a front-end loader and two road graders that can be deployed.  We can also request the assistance of Jackson County and the Oregon Department of Transportation to provide limited plowing as they have resources available. City streets are not conducive to plowing as it can cause damage to infrastructures such as road reflectors, water valves, traffic markings, and manholes. 
Absolutely, calls can be made 24/7 to Medford Public Works Operations Division at 541-774-2600.
If you feel that you are in danger, it is best to call 911. Otherwise, you may call a tow company to assist you.  
The underside of overpasses and bridges are exposed to the cold ambient air. This effect causes them to become icy much quicker than the regular roadway which is somewhat insulated by the ground below it. Motorists should use extra caution when driving on these structures.
The best advice is to visit a local tire store. They should be able to assist in making a determination what is right for you based on your vehicle and driving habits. There are many options available.
Driving too fast for the conditions and following too closely are common mistakes made by motorists that lead to accidents. Motorists should give themselves plenty of stopping distance and also avoid accelerating too quickly and abrupt turns. It is always a good idea to allow extra travel time in adverse weather conditions.
Streets, Sidewalks, and Parking
Street overlays are prioritized to provide the best maintenance at the lowest overall cost. Contact the Public Works Maintenance Division for information on pavement overlay. For information on paving unpaved streets, contact Engineering & Development 541-774-2100.
Public Works Maintenance Division, 821 N. Columbus, Medford, sells a $5 permit which allows you to paint a yellow no-parking zone on the curb, 6’ on each side of your driveway. Paint is provided with the permit.
Residential streets are swept every 6 to 8 weeks. Check with Public Works Maintenance Division541-774-2600.
Contact Engineering & Development 541-774-2100.
You should report this to the Engineering & Development Division of the Public Works 541-774-2100. Be sure to get the address of the problem sidewalk. Property owners are responsible for maintaining the sidewalks in front of their property. A letter will be sent to the affected property owner instructing them to repair the sidewalk within 30 days of the notice.
Trees, Leaves, and Weeds
Trees located in the parkways are the responsibility of the property owner.
Property owners have this responsibility. If they don’t do it, contact the Medford Fire Department 541-774-2310.
On residential streets, it is the property owner’s responsibility
Bio Mass, in White City, 541-826-9422.
Call Rogue Disposal 541-779-4161
Call Rogue Disposal 541-779-4161.
Medford Public Works is responsible for keeping the right of way open for Public access.  Calls to report this type of concern can be made 24/7 to Medford Public Works Operations Division at 541-774-2600.  If a tree falls into the public right of way we will respond to remove any portion of the tree that impedes or endangers the traveling public, both vehicles, and pedestrians.  During severe weather events Public Works personnel triage reports of trees down to determine priorities and dispatch staff accordingly.  
Property owners are responsible for clearing any debris that is on their property. If a tree that is growing on private property falls into the public right of way Public Works will respond to remove any portion of the tree that impedes or endangers the traveling public, both vehicles, and pedestrians. It is the property owner’s responsibility to dispose of the tree; therefore, the cut portions may be left for the property owner to take care of; providing that leaving the cut portions does not create a hazard to the public. 
If the tree or limb is blocking the public right of way Public Works will respond to remove any portion of the tree that impedes or endangers the traveling public, both vehicles, and pedestrians. The portion of debris on your vehicle would be handled by you and/or your insurance. 
With this type of concern we recommend that you call 911 first, then notify Public Works at 541-774-2600 with the information including that 911 has been called. Until the wire or cable has been identified and de-energized by the appropriate utility, Public Works cannot remove the tree for safety reasons. Additionally, we may close the street off entirely to protect the traveling public. 
Public Works determines the type of response by priorities which include access to hospitals, clinics, main transportation routes, and keeping response routes open for our Public Safety (Medford Fire and Police) personnel.   Our response may also be delayed due to the volume of requests.
Public Works will clear the right of way but may determine that the disposal of the debris is your responsibility.  Using this determination, the crew has left the debris for you to dispose of.  You may give the wood away; dispose of it at a landfill or Bio-Mass.
During times of severe weather, we can receive a multitude of calls in a short time. Please continue to call Public Works at 541-774-2600, or our answering service will answer.  You and your concern are of highest importance to us so please be patient.
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Public Works Contacts

200 S. Ivy Street
Medford, OR 97501
Phone: (541) 774-2100
Fax: (541) 774-2552
Email: Subscribe
Hours: 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Monday-Friday

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